MOU Boots Make Feet Warm In The Cold Winter

January 12 15:25 2018

Mou Boots

With winter well on its way it’s time to get kitted out in warm clothing, woolen scarves, and of course, some great boots. It’s the one time of the year when you can enjoy the comforts of slipping your feet into some warm, fleece foot ware and enjoy the coziness they offer your feet. The range of mou boots offers you the perfect product for this purpose. Nowhere else can you find boots quite as comfy and moreish as with mou boots.

The great thing about mou boots is that they are eco-friendly, and use only natural fabrics to ensure maximum warmth for your feet. If you like offbeat styles that mou definitely the brand to go for. The boots are hand crafted and offer a unique comfy design inside the shoe with molded instep to ensure that your feet are always protected. This eclectic range of back-to-nature range of boots has become a cult classic from this London brand and you can now shop for them online from anywhere in the world and get your hands on a pair of natural, offbeat boots. The mou boots themselves are made from either cow or goat hide and the inner parts of the boot are pure wool that makes them super comfy, and super warm.

The idea behind mou boots started in London in 2002 and the idea was to create a kind of boot that would be an “antidote” to the kinds of pressures that modern living inflicts upon us. To be able to get “back to nature” and to feel the “real feel” of nature on our feet is an eclectic idea which has taken off, ensuring the success of the mou boots company. the range includes the popular cowboy boot, blizzard and also the goat skin nanuk.

The range for women is great. You can choose from the Mou Eskimo sneaker. Hand stitched and made from sheep skin this takes the iconic Eskimo style and turns it into a high fashion piece of foot ware. For more pizazz, you can look at the Mini Eskimo Sneaker with rhinestones. For men nothing beats the Eskimo Man mou. Double face sheep skin with a durable EVA rubber sole, you can go anywhere you like with these easy to wear foot apparel. As far as comfort and durability goes, with that touch of nature, nothing beats the mou boot range.

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